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Pinball, with a twist


  • Make your own layouts
  • Walls can be **resized, rotated and moved around** to create interesting layouts with railings, ramps and traps!
  • Place bumpers and other loud point racking devices!
  • Draw **pixel art** with breakout style bricks on your layout!
  • Play your friends' layouts!


  • Menu = Escape
  • Left Paddle = Left Mouse Button OR ◄ OR Gamepad LB
  • Right Paddle = Left Mouse Button OR ► OR Gamepad RB
  • Shake Board: Middle Mouse Button OR <SPACE> OR Gamepad RT
  • Shoot = Any Mouse button OR  Any Gamepad button
  • Aim = mouse OR Gamepad R Analog  Stick

Follow us at: TackerTacker (Programming & Juice) & DiVeR___ (Pixels & Sauce)

Give us feedback if you liked the game it, we love to roll ourselves in it!

More information

Published 6 days ago
Release date 6 days ago
AuthorsDiVeR, TackerTacker
Tagsldjam, Ludum Dare 40, pixelart
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, XBox 360 controllers, Joystick
LinksLudum Dare

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Nice! I'd like a larger view and theese controls to add:

L[Ctrl]=LFlipper; R[Ctrl]=RFlipper; Up=Shake; Down=Launch.