Made in 1 day for #qazijam - Theme: "Black and White"

This game has basic platformer mechanics, but the thing is that your path is given to you before you are about to take it. Your visual memory will be put at test!

You have the power to use platforms to switch between two worlds of light and consciousness; follow the lead of the Moon against the wrath of the Sun and all the elements of the Day!


Start the game: click anywhere on the screen

Keyboard: A/D or LEFT/RIGHT Arrows to move - W or UP Arrow to jump

Gamepad: D-pad or Left stick to move - Button A to jump.

Your sight increases at night while jumping and can be used to scout the area

Note: this game is played in the browser, if the controls do not work, just click in the game window with your mouse one time.


The game was started on 9/25/16 and was finished on 9/26/16 early in the morning! Now off to sleep!

Would love some comments/feedback!

I decided to continue the development of this game for future release, you can follow the development of the Beta at :


- DiVeR

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withConstruct
TagsAction-Adventure, Difficult, Game Jam, Puzzle-Platformer, qazijam


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This game is awesome! Too late for a comment maybe, but I LOVED it :)

its a good game, however the lag killed me many times and the incrsse in differicatly was too early.

Thank you for the feedback. Yeah, the difficulty curve is very steep. I only had one day to make this game and wanted both easy for introduction and hard for the last level. I will add more content in between. In regards to the lag, could you define it? was it throughout the whole game? I didn't have that myself except a couple times I had to refresh the browser page. Thank you for playing it!

Awesome game! How could you work with 3D objects in a Construct2 project? (I just watched the begining of the replay video.)

Hey there, I used shadowcasting with the player being the light source :P

Best game ever made 11/10


Haha, thank you Trent, Cannot wait to see your game!