A dynamic overlay for streamers that integrates Discord voice with Twitch chat

Project started in Sept. 2016


- Displays the active speakers of your voice chat in discord on stream!

- Works with OBS and Xsplit (tested)

-Use custom pixel artportraits for each active speaker

- Characters fall asleep after a period of inactivity

- Integrates with twitch chat (commands, point system)


- BATS: a flock of bats flies over the characters and drop bombs over their heads, if the character is speaking when hit, he will spawn a shield that protects him


- More commands/games

- Cloud saved leader-board

- More characters, more art


Required prior to use:

-Xsplit or OBS installed (OBS may require you to install the CLR browser plugin, Xplit has the webpage URL plugin by default)

-You need to create a bot with discord. to do so; follow the instructions at: https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me

Make sure you have the following URI:


as well as the public bot option turned ON

Reveal the token and keep it saved for later

Go to the url you entered, completed of your client ID, it will send you to the one time authorization process for your bot to be able to join voice channels. Select the voice channel you intend to use for streaming.

You need an oauth password to connect to twitch chat; make sure you are logged in yor account on twitch and go to:


- Again, save this password for later

- point to:

-Enter your login information

-Voice chat with discord (required)

- Discord username as in chat (ie: John)

- Discord Channel name (ie: General)

- Discord app bot/app token

- click "JOIN" button

- Twitch

- Your username

- oauth twitch password

-add command/game features

- click "JOIN" button

- Click "GO" button

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Published38 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags16-bit, 8-bit, discord, overlay, Pixel Art, stream, twitch